No Surprise As Israel Breaks Ceasefire Agreement Before It Begins

23 November 2023
No Surprise As Israel Breaks Ceasefire Agreement Before It Begins

Late Wednesday night, Israeli National Security Council Chief Tzachi Hanegbi announced that hostages would not be released on Thursday, contradicting earlier agreements by officials that a temporary 4-day ceasefire would go into effect at 10am.

This has led to a breakdown in the agreed-upon truce, with Israel continuing its bombing campaign in Gaza well into the afternoon. The breach of the agreement, brokered by Qatar, is being deemed a flagrant violation of diplomatic efforts to stop the genocide campaign in Gaza.

Hamas officials had previously committed to a truce that included the release of at least 50 israeli hostages and 150 Palestinian child prisoners, but the israeli government's refusal to abide by the agreed-upon terms so far, has thrown all details of negotiations into question.

Given israels track record of using lies and deception to win over public opinion in the west, it is likely that they would now fabricate some evidence to suggest that the ceasefire was not agreed upon.

Protestors have been out in full force over the last few weeks, calling for a full ceasefire instead a humanitarian pause. The fact that killing would continue after the 4 day window suggests that israel does not wish to stop killing civilians, but does want to appease the international community.

With diplomatic efforts underway to salvage the ceasefire agreement. Qatar, as the mediator, faces the challenge of reestablishing trust between the conflicting parties and ensuring that both sides adhere to the terms of any future agreements.