Gil Dickmann Blasts Ben-Gvir Over Death Penalty Debate

20 November 2023
Gil Dickmann Blasts Ben-Gvir Over Death Penalty Debate

Gil Dickmann whose cousin, Carmel Gat is being held hostage by Hamas in Gaza has found himself at the centre of controversy in the israeli media. Dickmann has become a vocal critic of Israeli Security Minister Ben-gvir, accusing him of exploiting the ongoing hostage situation to advance his own political agenda.

During a heated exchange at the Knesset National Security Committee, Dickmann confronted Ben-gvir, passionately urging him to cease leveraging the hostage crisis for personal gain. "I beg you to stop the debate, not to make any fortune at our expense. This is not the time for this law," he screamed, highlighting the ridiculousness of the death penalty for Hamas soldiers arrested on October 7th.

Ben-Gvir later posted a picture of himself embracing Dickmann, who responded with the following:

"Take your hands off me!

My look here says it all.

I told you:

Don't hug me

You hugged anyway.

I told you:

Don't put our loved ones at risk.

Still, you took a risk.

All for the picture.

Itamar Ben Gvir - You have no limits.

Everyone sees that you are making a circus about the blood of our families.

It's not too late.


Many israeli commentators are now criticising Ben-Gvir for the incident, amplifying the sentiment expressed by Dickmann.