Qatar-Brokered Ceasefire Agreement To Start At 10am Thursday

22 November 2023
Qatar-Brokered Ceasefire Agreement To Start At 10am Thursday

Qatar has brokered a ceasefire agreement between the israeli invaders and the people of Gaza, providing a window for humanitarian aid to enter the war-torn Gaza Strip. The terms of the agreement, announced today, outline a series of measures aimed at bringing relief to the besieged region.

One of the key provisions of the ceasefire is a halt to all military actions by occupation forces in every part of the Gaza Strip. This includes a cessation of the movement of military vehicles penetrating into the region, marking a crucial step toward de-escalation.

The ceasefire is expected to bring much-needed respite to the civilian population that has borne the brunt of the conflict, although it is only temporary and israel is expected to intensify its bombing campaign over night before the deadline.

Humanitarian aid is set to flow into the Gaza Strip, with the entry of hundreds of trucks carrying relief, medical supplies, and fuel. This aid package is designed to address the urgent needs of the population, spanning both the northern and southern areas of the region.

The humanitarian focus extends further with a provision for the release of women and children from both sides. The agreement stipulates the release of 50 iraeli women and children under the age of 19 in exchange for 150 Palestinian women and children of the same age group from israeli prisons. The fact that an exchange of this measure could even take place highlights the fact that israel has been kidnapping children before and after the October 7th incident.

Additionally, the ceasefire imposes restrictions on israeli air traffic in the southern region for four days, while in the north, it will be halted for six hours a day, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. These measures aim to provide a temporary reprieve from the constant threat of air raids on the children of Gaza.

During the ceasefire period, Israeli forces are mandated not to attack or arrest any Palestinians across the Gaza Strip, contributing to a sense of security for the civilian population. Moreover, the agreement ensures freedom of movement for Palestinians along Salah El-Din Street, allowing for the unimpeded flow of people from north to south. Recently, however, israel has bombed safe passages after designating them as the route for Gazans to take.

It is likely that israel will break the ceasefire at some point before it should end as they have done repeatedly in the past, or they will try to provoke a reaction from Hamas to have an excuse to continue its bombing campaign early.