Israeli propaganda machine breaks down

18 October 2023
Israeli propaganda machine breaks down

The Nazis used propaganda as a powerful tool to win support for their war efforts during World War II. They employed various propaganda techniques to manipulate public opinion, both domestically and internationally. Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda, played a central role. He controlled all forms of media and used his influence to craft a narrative that served Nazi interests.

They controlled newspapers and magazines, using them to disseminate propaganda that promoted the regime's policies, beliefs, and successes. They made extensive use of radio broadcasts and films to reach a mass audience. They produced numerous propaganda films, such as "Triumph of the Will" by Leni Riefenstahl, which glorified Nazi ideology and the regime. They created striking and memorable posters that conveyed their messages. These posters often featured powerful imagery and slogans that aimed to stir emotions and create a sense of unity and patriotism.

Today the 21st century nazis, in Israel, use the same tactics to vilify Palestinians and make the public see them as subhuman. They have the capability to doctor images, audio and video, similar to how Hollywood makes films look realistic.

They disseminate lies through the media such as the '40 beheaded babies' propaganda which spread through the world like fire. They lied about the massacres in the kibbutz, another lie broken down by an interview with a kibbutz survivor who revealed that the civilians were actually killed by Israeli fire.

Yesterdays disgusting strike on the hospital, which claimed almost 1000 lives and counting, did not play to the objective they intended. They thought the world would celebrate with them as they claimed to have destroyed a Hamas base. However, the world is now seeing through the lies, and spectators and commentators quickly condemned the despicable strike.

Initial tweets and statements celebrating the strike were quickly retracted as the Israeli propaganda office scrambled to change their official position. They issued several statements about proof they held that it was a PIJ rocket and shared videos and images which were refuted by the public and subsequently pulled from the various propaganda outlets. By today they have provided dozens of videos of evidence, none of which are real proof. And the world continues to disbelieve. This may be the turning point at which the world sees Israel for what it really is.