Israel stoops lower than the Nazis in direct strike on Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza

17 October 2023
Israel stoops lower than the Nazis in direct strike on Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza

Israel has taken a leaf out of the Nazis book and attempted to exterminate huge numbers of civilians by dropping a bomb on a hospital filled with sick and injured civilian men, women and children. The scenes are horrifying. The reaction is angry.

Israel has been blasted by world leaders and public figures around the world after they deliberately launched an air strike on a hospital in Gaza, resulting in widespread panic and casualties numbering between 500 and 1000 so far. Earlier in the week 5000 civilians took refuge in the hospital before an israeli strike which killed 4, caused 4000 to flee.

The strike, which occurred in the evening of the 17th October, left the facility which was already under immense pressure, in further despair. It caused significant deaths, injuries and damage to the building and infrastructure. The aftermath was marked by scenes of chaos and devastation as rescue workers and citizens rushed to the scene to help the injured and retrieve survivors.

Soon after the strike, Hananya Naftali, the Israeli digital spokesperson tweeted:

"BREAKING: Israeli Air Force struck a Hamas terrorist base inside a hospital in Gaza. A multiple number of terrorists are dead. It's heartbreaking that Hamas is launching rockets from hospitals, Mosques, schools, and using civilians as human shields. #Hamas_Is_ISIS"

Shortly after the incident, the initial reaction by almost the entire world was that of disgust, anger and disbelief that Israel could stoop so low. In a knee jerk reaction, Hananya Naftali deleted his tweet, along with other Israeli official accounts who tweeted similar statements, before writing new tweets which stated the opposite, that Hamas was responsible for the bomb. A barefaced lie.

Many Arab leaders issued statements condemning Israel, and the meeting which was scheduled to take place between Jordan, USA, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority leaders, was subsequently cancelled. Protests have intensified with many focussing their attention on the embassies of the nations responsible for the catastrophe. Namely, the USA, Israel, and the UK.

Meanwhile hospital workers, locals and survivors scramble through the wreckage to recover bodies and rescue any other survivors. The final death toll is expected to rise as rescue operations continue.