Piers Morgan refuses to condemn the killing of over 1000 innocent children in Gaza

16 October 2023
Piers Morgan refuses to condemn the killing of over 1000 innocent children in Gaza

Controversial TV show host, Piers Morgan, who has now exposed himself to be a supporter of war crimes, invited Mohammed Hijab, a prominent figure in the muslim community to a televised debate that aimed to address the dire humanitarian situation in the ongoing siege of Gaza. At one point Mohammed asked Piers to condemn the killing of 1,000 innocent children in the conflict, which he refused to do, sparking a wave of controversy and concern.

Viewers tuned in to the live debate, expecting a thoughtful and balanced discussion on the situation in Palestine, which has been dividing the entire world this week. However, the debate took an unexpected and disheartening turn when Piers, who is known for his controversial stances, was asked a pointed and direct question by his guest Mohammed Hijab: "Do you condemn the killing of those children by the IDF?"

The question demanded a clear and unequivocal answer, irrespective of one's political affiliations or personal beliefs. However, Piers' disappointing response left many viewers shocked and dismayed. The refusal to condemn the killing of innocent children in any context is a stance that goes against the basic principles of humanity, empathy, and human rights.

Piers' response not only displayed an alarming evasiveness but also raised grave concerns about his commitment to addressing the dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and has exposed his absolute bias in favour of Israel regardless of its conduct. The implications of this refusal go beyond the boundaries of the televised debate. In a world that desperately seeks common ground and peaceful resolutions to conflicts, such a stance is not only morally reprehensible but also counterproductive to achieving lasting peace and stability.