Genocide Pause Truce Littered With Israeli Violations Already

25 November 2023
Genocide Pause Truce Littered With Israeli Violations Already

The pause in the genocide of Gaza by Israel, started on Friday morning after a whole days delay caused by israel. Hamas has reportedly delayed the release of the next batch of Israeli hostages in response to flagrant breaches of the agreed terms by israel. Hamas stated that they will resume the releases once israel adheres to the agreed terms.

Among the breaches, israeli invaders shot and killed two unarmed and non-threatening civilians in Gaza using sniper fire. Videos surfaced showing crowds of people, who were walking north back to their homes, seen running in panic and fear as israeli gunfire was heard ringing out.

One of the core aspects of the agreement involved the release of women and children based on the time they spent in jails. However, israel did not adhere to this stipulation, further complicating the delicate terms of the truce. The no-fly zone, another crucial component of the ceasefire, was also reported to have been breached.

Additionally, the aid trucks, meant to reach all areas of Gaza, faced obstacles and were prevented from reaching parts of the north. This hinders the delivery of crucial supplies to those in need, where resources are already lacking, people are dehydrated, malnourished and wounded without appropriate treatment.

As the ceasefire approaches its midway point, the situation remains marked by violations and has proven that israel cannot be trusted with any agreements or statements going forward. This is without even considering their lies and deception in the media where they falsified propaganda, staged incidents, made claims without evidence and even censored citizens and news publications for speaking the truth.