Rishi's mansion occupied by protestors

3 August 2023
Rishis mansion

In a bold move, Greenpeace activists have occupied the residence of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, draping the sprawling mansion in black cloth

The protest serves as a striking visual representation of their condemnation of the Prime Minister's perceived hypocrisy on matters concerning climate change and the environment.

The demonstration comes in the wake of a series of controversies that have cast a shadow over Sunak's commitment to addressing climate concerns. Accusations of hypocrisy have intensified following reports of his use of a private jet, the issuance of 100 new oil and gas contracts, and allegations that his wife's company secured a £1.5 billion deal with BP, sparking public accusations of corruption.

This latest incident further compounds the predicament for the Prime Minister, who finds himself grappling with an image tainted by allegations of cronyism and hypocrisy. Despite the swift response of police racing to the scene to quell the protest, images of the draped mansion had already been widely circulated, magnifying the embarrassing nature of the situation.

The occupation by Greenpeace protesters underscores the growing public demand for transparency and meaningful action on climate change. As the Prime Minister works to regain public trust and shed the perception of double standards, this protest serves as a stark reminder that the scrutiny surrounding his actions in relation to the environment remains unrelenting.