Israeli Forces Encircle Gaza City in Ongoing Ground Invasion

2 November 2023
Israeli Forces Encircle Gaza City in Ongoing Ground Invasion

The occupier army of Israel have announced the complete encirclement of Gaza City as part of the ongoing ground invasion and genocide of the Gaza Strip. If true, it means Gaza City is now isolated from Khan Younis, raising concerns about the remaining civilians in the city.

As the world's leaders watch the intensifying invasion in silence, the situation in Gaza remains catastrophic.

The IDF's encirclement of Gaza City is especially concerning after videos of Israelis indiscriminately killing civilians have been shared widely on social media platforms.

The likelihood that they will kill women, children and babies is almost certain. Whilst calls for a ceasefire and diplomatic resolution have gone unheeded, with no end in sight to the ongoing violence.

Western leaders and Arab leaders alike, have refrained from criticising Israel in their abhorrent targeting of civilians, whilst also rejecting calls for a ceasefire. Joe Biden, and Rishi Sunak have both stated that they do not wish to call for a stop to the war. They only ask for food to be let in so that civilians can eat before they are bombed.

Iran has continued to denounce the ongoing genocide, whilst continuing to make threats against Israel if it continues. However, it is yet to be seen if those words will convert in to direct action in the coming days.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, will make his first public comments since the Palestinian group Hamas and Israel went to war, a speech this Friday, that will be scrutinised for clues on how the group's role in the conflict might evolve. So far Hezbollah and the IDF have exchanged fire and artillery on a daily basis along the border, but neither have formally declared war.