Genocide Pause Extension Riddled in Controversies

29 November 2023
Genocide Pause Extension Riddled in Controversies

In a bid to prolong the pause in the genocide of Gaza, Hamas and israeli officials announced a two-day extension to the initial four-day pause, which is now set to end tomorrow. Despite the temporary halt in bombardment, disturbing revelations and ongoing conflicts persist on various fronts.

Over 150 Palestinian hostages, the majority being children, have been freed from israels dungeons. Dozens of Israeli prisoners have also been released as part of the agreement with Hamas. However, the Israeli government has imposed censorship on these former captives. Allegedly, the move comes in response to some previously released prisoners speaking positively about their experiences in captivity, and some even exposed information suggesting that Israel was responsible for the majority of Israeli deaths in a kibbutz incident on October 7th.

Meanwhile, the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas has not halted Israeli forces from conducting raids in West Bank towns. In a recent operation, Israeli forces deployed bulldozers and stationed snipers in Jenin. Two nine-year-old boys were shot dead in the streets outside their homes this morning by israeli snipers in a disgusting act of terror by the israeli invaders.

Yesterday, Elon Musk toured the kibbutz, and joined israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a twitter spaces call. The tour included scenes from a kibbutz where Hamas soldiers reportedly entered and captured locals. Musk witnessed firsthand the destruction caused by Israeli tank fire, resulting in the loss of many Israeli civilian lives.

Piers Morgan has also come under fire for biased reporting. Tweets from the 2014 Israeli war on Gaza have resurfaced, showcasing Morgan's condemnation of Israel at that time. Critics argue that Morgan's current stance, where he appears to endorse Israel's actions in Gaza and allegedly ignores accusations of war crimes, starkly contrasts with his earlier position with many suggesting that he has been bought by the zionist propaganda machine.