Israel Slammed for Launching Ground Offensive in Gaza, Faces Strong Resistance

28 October 2023
 Israel Slammed for Launching Ground Offensive in Gaza, Faces Strong Resistance

Israel has initiated a ground offensive in Gaza, pushing into the territory in an attempt to gain control over the region. However, the operation has faced substantial resistance from Hamas fighters, leading to Israeli forces being pushed back beyond the Gaza border wall. In parallel, concerns are mounting as Israel continues to intensify airstrikes on residential areas in Gaza, raising international alarm over the humanitarian crisis.

The decision to launch the ground offensive came after weeks of increased bombing of Gaza, phosphor shells and airstrikes, which have left thousands dead and scores more injured.

The move, while intended to weaken the capabilities of Hamas, has not gone as planned for Israeli forces. As they advanced into Gaza, they encountered fierce resistance from well-entrenched Hamas fighters, leading to a hasty retreat back to the border wall.

Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that controls Gaza, has had years to prepare for potential ground incursions, which has made their defence remarkably resilient. Tunnel networks, urban warfare tactics, and strong local support have combined to make dislodging them from Gaza a daunting task.

Meanwhile, international condemnation is growing as Israel intensifies airstrikes on residential areas in Gaza. The indiscriminate bombing has resulted in the loss of innocent lives and widespread destruction.

The United Nations has called for an immediate ceasefire, and many countries, including several European nations, have expressed deep concerns about the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza.

Hospitals and medical facilities are overwhelmed, with dozens unable to operate at all, and essential supplies, including food and clean water, are not available for the millions trapped.

As the situation in Gaza continues to escalate, the Arab world leaders watch quietly, taking no action besides verbal condemnation, whilst the streets are flowing with public outrage.